Waltham_PocketWatch_Assembly (37)

1883 Waltham “Piccadilly” Key Wound Pocket Watch Restoration

I was lucky enough to get hold of a Waltham watch over the weekend for a great price, this was a project i have wanted to undertake ever since i saw how wonderfully finished pre 1900 watches were. The watch wasn’t in the best state and as you can see from the pictures, was missing hands (part of them) and a glass, the movement was jammed up with lots of gunk too.

After some help from some fellow forum members, i was told that this was a 18 size, 1883 Model, Broadway Grade ‘Picadilly’ 15 jewel watch.

Upon removing the balance i noticed that the roller table had come become detached from the balance staff

continuing the strip down

Whilst the parts were in the cleaning machine i worked on sorting out the balance.

After the parts were cleaned up and checked, the watch was put back together again

The watch was put back into its case and correct hands were sourced

And after calibration the watch was good to go.