Baume and Mercier Classima Executives Watch Restoration

I bought this watch online from a classifieds website, it seemed that it was already semi dismantled when i received it and was covered in oil and seemed to have some moisture damage. The dial was also dirty due to it not being in its case. This watch is powered by a Swiss ETA 2824-2 automatic movement.

Whilst dismantling the movement, i started to realise that this wasn’t going to be so easy to work on, there was oil all over the place.

Some parts where obviously unusable and needed to be replaced!

Continuing the strip down.

Once the strip down was complete, i was able to assess the damage and start ordering the replacement parts i needed (if i didn’t have them lying around..

Assembly Time…

After i had all the replacement parts and the other parts were restored (to an acceptable standard for the watch to work correctly) i started to assemble the base movement.

After building the base movement i quickly regulated the movement to look for any obvious problems. I will finely tune the movement once the movement is completed.

Rebuilding the auto module, using parts from a similar eta movement.

When assembling the movement back into the case, i noticed that the tabs that hold the movement surround were missing. not having any spare (and looking forward to wearing it over the weekend) i looked around for some items i could modify to work with a bit of filing.

I found 3 similar sized spare yokes i had in my miscellaneous drawer and went to work on filing them down to fit.

Once the movement was secured in, i added a new strap to the watch to complete the restoration