Breitling Automatic Colt Ocean A17350 Repair & Servicing

The watch came in and immediately it looks like it had taken in some moisture along with some sort of tinkering from a previous repairer. Face value the watch was not working and required some new parts. The rotor had also been replaced with a generic one (possibly damaged by water) this automatic movement is a Breitling 17  (ETA 2824-2 )

The watch band was stretched beyond repair and the case and bezel also needed some work.

As usual, the watch was disassembled, parts inspected and the parts put through the cleaning machine.

Whilst the parts were being cleaned, the bezel was being repainted.

Also the watch had either been man handled or the watch had taken a large impact as the dial foot was snapped off therefore making the dial loose in the case. this had to be put right

Once the parts were clean, the watch was reassembled and parts lubricated according to the ETA specifications.

A more suitable rotor was sourced and new band chosen.


  • Daniel D Baleckaitis

    So a case of abuse? Is there a way to identify approximate year of manufacture as it looks relatively new…. Thanks for updates to your blog.

    Dan B.

    • Jonathan Nachman

      Hi Dan

      Not sure to be fair, however i can tell you that according to the watch started production around 1999 until 2001 so not older that then.

      Thanks for popping by.

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