Cimier Sports GMT Chrono Stop Revival

Been away for a while working on other projects, however i did finally get back to the bench and work on this watch. ┬áIt has been in my projects box for a while and needed some help. Im a sucker for old chronographs even though this isn’t really one, it still is something that iv’e been looking forward to wear. A bit of researching suggested that these watches were produced for the aesthetics only, in which you could by these watches that were made to look like chronographs and cost a third of the price. Also this watch is a chrono stop which i didnt realise when i purchased it (as broken) – it had pushers to start and stop the seconds hand, however there is no reset! Any way , one with the restoration….. The watch was in good costmetic condition, the hands had been either replaced or relumed at somepoint and didnt fit with the patine of the lume on dial. The watch didnt wind which suggested that the mainspring was broken or that it had got disconnected from its arbour. Dissassembly

After the mainspring was replaced and the parts cleaned the watch was reassembled.

The next part of the restoration was to get the hands to match the dial (i.e. the patina that the dial has taken does not match the recently relumed hands) I will write a separate article on how this was achieved so it wont be lost in this article.

Casing up