Horological Suppliers – Supplying watch parts to the horological community

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I’ve been busy recently setting up a new venture with a group of like minded individuals. What we have done is decided to merge all our stock together and make it accessible for others. This will now take over from the parts site I had on this site.

The idea for this came about from the parts requests that came in from this site when I started selling parts. Horological Suppliers is now operational however we will be updating the site as and when we get the time.

The site has been more focused on the user experience with (what we think) is a simple way to search our catalogue as some of the other suppliers web sites are hard to navigate.

The prices have been kept low and we are constantly updating the stock so its definitely worth bookmarking for when you need a watch part.

Please if anyone has any feedback , don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Horological Suppliers – Supplying Watch Parts To The Horological Community



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