La Rochelle/Cimier/Lapanouse 7 Jewel Pin Pallet Chronograph Restoration

I purchased this chronograph a while ago, i really liked the look of it and thought it would be wonderful to get working again and added to my collection.

The watch wasnt working and came with its faults, the watch came with no strap glass and on opening looked like it was missing parts..

I started researching the watch and put all the requests out for a job sheet for the movement with no joy!

Luckily the movement was a basic chronograph and there are many pictures of this movement  online that i could use for reference.

One of the wheels had come away from its pivot and on disassembling the movement i found the missing chronograph wheel.

The movement is a Lapanouse 2370 however this was used in other watches such as Cimier.

Unable to find spares to a broken chronograph runner i put the watch aside, however a few months later a partial movement turned up.

Strip down Pics below


Images of the partial movement i was able to take the parts from, notice the difference finishing of the matching parts.

As i mentioned earlier, one of the wheels in the gear train had popped off from its pivot, this was easily rectified with my staking tool

The balance staff was badly damaged and a replacement balance complete was sourced , the staking set came in handy again as i needed to “punch” in the balance stud into the balance regulator.

After that the rest of the assembly went smoothly.

Here’s a few pictures of the final outcome, really happy with this watch.