Limit No.2 Pocket Watch Servicing & Repair

Just a few snaps of what i got upto over the weekend.  I was working on a Limit Pocket watch.


I had a problem on this watch with the escape wheel bridge. It seems that the screw was not budging and all attempts to remove the screw failed!

I left the plate and bridge sit in WD40 for an hour or so and attempted to remove the screw with no luck at all.

I then applied heat directly to the screw with the use of a soldering iron.  After 10 minutes i was able to remove the screw. It seems that heat plus the WD40 loosened up the screw enough to remove.

After all the parts were removed and inspected, they were placed into the cleaner , whilst this was happening i had a chance to clean up the dial.


After the parts were clean, the watch was reassembled and lubricated.

The Set Lever spring was rendered useless after the rust was cleaned up so a replacement was made using spring wire.

After the replacement was tested, the reassembly was continued.

Watch was cased up and then regulated