Watch Spares

Swiss watch companies refusing to supply spare parts to independant watch repairers.

Last night i was was asked by a friend about repairing his Baume & Mercier watch. The problem was that he dropped the watch whilst he was winding it, therefore lodging the stem stopping it from going back in.

After phoning around all the watchmakers in the area (and the extended area) not a single one was willing to take it on. This is due to the fact that they are unable to acquire the spare parts possibly needed to repair the watch.

My friends only option was to go back to Baume & Mercier, a month later he was finally quoted £770 – This obviously was a full overhaul price.

The watch is not old enough for a service yet and doesn’t need an overhaul. The watch wasn’t even opened, it seems like it was a “Standard Quote” template for all queries.

There are more and more watch rants like this popping up all over the the internet at the moment (for all luxury watch companies)

The above example is only small compared to others I’ve been hearing.

I can see this being a problem for the highly skilled watchmakers that are independent in the future because slowly and slowly they will close down due to this squeeze leaving all watch owners in the hands of huge waiting times and extortionate pricing.

Nickolas Hacko has written a great article on the subject and has generated a petition, please head over there and sign up.

Rant over…….