New “Ikea Hacker Style” Watchmakers Bench

Whilst looking for a affordable yet effective bench for my new place i stumbled up Dirk Fassbender’s blog in which he shows that he created a stunning looking desk based on items available from IKEA. Not only is it genius but also pretty much everything i wanted in my new desk.

Also included a strip of led lighting to jazz it up a bit!

Below are some pics of my new bench based on Dirk’s idea.


  • Hi, nice bench you got there Jonathan.

    I would like to know what are you using as your work mat in the photo? Mind sharing thanks.


    • Jonathan Nachman

      Exactly whatOhByteMe has said, ikea cutting mat, comes in a pack of three colours, cheap and useful!

  • Looks like an Ikea cutting board

  • Hello from Australia. What a brilliant design and looks great. Going down to Ikea now to make mine up. Thanks so much for sharing your design. Cheers Steve

  • Has anybody found a source or a replacement for the Ekby Tore shelf bracket?
    I have everything else, might have to look into adding something on the bench top to support the shelf.



  • I was wondering if anyone else has done this. As of today, the Ekby Tore clamp bracket is no longer available, as well as the longer Capita legs. (4 inch is the only ones currently available)
    I have mine all assembled, but debating how to join the various pieces together. Ideally, for the sake of strength, I think I need to go with screwing them together or using bolts.
    Anybody have any insight into this?

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