New Toy: Vintage Brenray Watch, Clock & Instument Cleaner

I picked up a watch cleaning machine this weekend, my current ways to clean the watch parts are proving tiresome and i’m not 100% convinced there doing the job correctly.

The machine seems to have not been used for the last 40 something years and the cleaning agents and rinsing fluid was still in the jars – it was some really nasty stuff!

The entire machine was stripped down, cleaned up and the wiring was sorted out.

Now its ready to go.


  • Hi

    I just acquired an identical machine in a similar condition to yours but it is missing the baskets, any idea where I could get some more?



    • I read with interest your blog on the Brenray cleaner, I have just acquired one of these and wonder if replaced the motor brushes and if so could point me in the right direction to get a couple

      Kind regards


      • Hi Terry

        Sorry i wouldnt have a clue im afraid. Could you try a general electric store that can look at the motor ?

        it is possible that the motors were changed in their lifetime of use.

        Sorry i couldnt be any more of a help.

        Good luck


  • HI would u be able to help at all I have one of these machines my motor states that it is 110-230 but as we run our power at 240 how would I go about getting this rewired or would it run ok as is please

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