Cowells 90CW Watchmakers Lathe

New Toy – Cowells 90CW Clock & Watchmakers Lathe

I currently have two lathes, a Peatol/Taig Lathe that has been boxed up for a while and a 8MM watchmakers lathe that i try to work with when i get a chance.

Adding to the collection is a Cowells 90 CW Clock & Watchmakers Lathe.  I have been wanting one of these for a while but due to the price i thought it wouldn’t be possible however an opportunity popped up to purchase one second hand and i jumped at the chance.

Unlike my other lathes i hope to make full use of this as i feel this falls between as the Peatol lathe was just too big for precision work and the 8mm watchmakers lathe was sometimes just not enough for anything slightly bigger.

The Cowells lathe is built in Britain which is a nice touch as all my tools are usually swiss made or from china/india etc.

Cowells are actually not too far from me also if i would like to enquire about any accessories or need some help.

The lathes previous owner had really looked after it and gave me a thorough guide to which parts do what and also provided me with a clean set of 8MM collets that will work perfectly with any  watch work i will want to do and also a 4 Jaw independent chuck that will work for anything bigger (not to mention a detailed .

Until i get a graver rest for the lathe i wont really be able to get my hands dirty with it yet but that wont be for a while as the accessories are on the expensive side for this machine 🙁

The look and feel of the lathe is top notch, the quality is high and the retail pricing (unfortunately!) reflects this.  I cant wait to work with it as it already feels like this is the lathe for me.

I look forward to showing off some work with it in the near future.