New Toy – Peatol/Taig Micro Lathe

I have wanted to get a lathe for a while,  i have been researching into what i needed for a while and after much deliberation decided on the Peatol lathe. The Peatol lathe (branded Taig outside of europe) was a very simple micro lathe.

I initially was looking at 8MM watchmaker lathes, however this would limit me to only tiny work in which much skill is needed. I have never worked with a lathe before and therefore have NO experience what so ever on the subject. This lathe was a good price and i decided to start looking into it.

After further inspection and a million posts of forums i had realised that it is  possible to use a WW collet adapter that would allow the Micro lathe to accept the watchmaker collets.

This swayed my decision and i had made up a wish list of what i wanted to get with it and decided that i would purchase this as a birthday present.

2 days later i saw the lathe on ebay, 5 days later i won it at a great price…must of been fate.

The lathe was in good condition and came with a few accessories that would be useful in my future projects.

I did have a first attempt with a scrap piece of brass this weekend, im not sure what i made, however im looking forward to what can be created from this little machine.

Heres a few pics.

Not the correct method i know, however i don’t have the adapter for the tail stock yet and i was too impatient not to have a go at threading!

Here’s the outcome of my first “dabble”