Omega Geneve Dynamic Cal 752 Automatic Service

Tristan sent in his father’s watch, it has been sitting in a drawer for years, he wanted to get it back up running and presented back to his father for his anniversary.

The watch was running sporadically when i received it, there was also a problem with the date switching over, this is a known problem for this type of movement.

This case does not have a back cover and therefore is a sealed unit. Access to the movement is achieved by removing the stem and applying air pressure through the crown hole, this will effectively “pop” off the crystal from the sealed case. I use a small air compressor for this.

Once the movement was removed from the case i was able to strip down the movement and inspect the parts.


The case was then ultrasonically cleaned and polished up. Then the parts were placed into the cleaning machine. A new Omega crystal was ordered along with a new mainspring



Once the items have were cleaned, the watch was reassembled and lubricated as per omega’s specifications

The movement was placed back into the case and was regulated over the next week in multiple positions.

Very happy with the outcome, should make a great present.



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