Oris GMT Automatic Repair & Service

This watch required a new crown and there was an issue with the hand setting. The hands have also lost their lume over time and will require either replacing or reluming if possible. The crown thread was damaged as well from over tightening which seems to be a common problem with these models.

This Oris watch is run by a ETA 2836-2 automatic watch with display back case.

The watch is carefully dismantled and all the parts are checked for faults.

The parts are then put through the watch cleaning machine to remove any dirt or old oil

The mainspring was also replaced with a new one as you can see this one was heavy greased as a new one will ensure the maximum power reserve for the watch. A certain amount of grease is required for the mainspring to slip in order to allow for overwinding of the watches rotor.

The watch was then finally put back together making sure all parts were properly oiled as per the manufacturer’s specifications.

The movement was then calibrated to acceptable ranges (the range averaged over 6 different positions) and replacement hands were sourced and installed.

The crown needed to be replaced as it was damaged, usually this is a good time to replace the tube as well to ensure correct function and water resistance.

The case was then cleaned up along with the bracelet, the movement was then recased. Outcome a nice functioning watch.


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