Restoring a Seiko 7A28A, the first analogue quartz chronograph

I stumbled across this watch in a lot with some other watches.  The watch has a place in history and after discovering this i decided that i would attempt to bring it back to life again.

The watch was in a bad way , after popping a battery in it was apparent that the chronograph functions were not functioning at all.

on with the strip down

It was evident that some water has come in through the pushers which seems to be a common issue.  The rest of the watch was disassembled.

The rust was very light and was treated with baking soda and the parts were then polished up.

The watch parts were placed into a cleaning machine and the watch is ready to be oiled and reassembled.

Gaskets were ordered along with a new glass.

Very happy with the result,


  • Very beautifull service! When you polish the parts you use a cilinder as a base, what is it?

    • Jonathan Nachman

      Hey Mario, thanks – Its a cork, from a wine bottle… old trick someone showed me as it keeps a nice soft grip, thanks for stopping by.

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