Swiss President 7 Jewel Lever Pocket Timer

This has been my most complex watch i have endeavored to repair and service so far. Since i still am only in the early stages of watch repair i thought it would be a good idea to start on a basic chronograph to get a feel for it. Having almost complete De Carle’s wonderful complicated watches book i decided to attempt a stop timer.
This watch turned out to have a a broken stem and a disconnected hand. On checking the case i noticed that some had made a SERIOUS mess of the case trying to open it, the most funniest thing was that he/she wasnt even anywhere close. However resulted in making a cut in the case 🙁

The movement of this watch is a Baumgartner 410, on working with this watch i found out when sourcing parts, it shared many with the 416 calibre, the difference with the movements is that this watch has a addition reset to zero pusher and the 416 has this functionality built into the single stem.