TG 195 Lemania Swedish Air Force, Cal. 2225

John had sent me in two of these wonderful single pusher chronographs watches for restoration along with a third donor watch if extra parts are required. The watches originally belonged to his friend who had sadly passed. The hope was to have the watches restored and used as a keepsake for the owners wife.

These watches are renowned for not only being rare but for also being used by the Swedish air force. The watches were in a dire state and needed some real attention to get back up and running.

The Lemania 2225 movement is very interesting as it has a hacking mechanism (which stops the watch and resets the seconds hand) which would “pop” out the main crown. When the correct time had been set, i.e. the military personal had “synchronised” their watches, they would all pop the crown back in and start their watches off,  all at the same time.

Below shows one of the watches restored to its former glory 🙂


The watch was carefully stripped down, all parts were inspected, grouped by function  and cleaned –  a new mainspring and crystal was also sourced.


Once all items were cleaned, the mainspring was replaced with the closest match found and the watch was reassembled.

After the movement was complete, the chronograph functions were tested, tweaked and the timekeeping was calibrated. The case was ultrasonically cleaned, buffed conservatively and the the new crystal was installed once all the glue was removed from the previous crystal.

The movement was cased up and married up to a more fitting NATO military strap.

Very happy with the outcome, below shows the other restored watch, notice the “chocolate dial”



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