Tissot Seastar Quartz Service (ETA 955.112)

I was asked to take a look at this Tissot Seastar, the watch has been stopping intermittently after a new battery was replaced. The cost of a 955.112 movement is only around £20 so usually i would do a straight swap with a new one however  i thought it would be a good excuse to work on a quartz for a change.

It seems that when the battery was replaced the watch gasket (plastic red type) had been damaged which meant that the watch back doesn’t close correctly. This could mean that dirt has been able to get into the watch and cause some mischief with the gear train.


All parts are checked over for damage and then cleaned in the watch cleaner and the case was ultrasonically cleaned.

Reassembly Pics

Ordered a new gasket, this was cleaned, greased up and so was the stem, the watch was then cased up.