Very Oily Bulova 10AK (15 Jewels) Restoration

Like the previous Recta watch I had restored earlier this year.  i wanted to do this Bulova up aswell as i like the military watches.

This Bulova wasn’t running when I got hold of it and after opening it i discovered that it was swimming in oil and the balance staff had broken.

This watch must of been sitting in oil for 30 – 40 years and unfortunately this hasn’t helped the dial.

Pictures of the Disassembly

The balance spring is the breguet type and because this caliber was a military issue, there is a lot of spare parts out there. I was able to get a NOS Balance Complete

The watch was cleaned twice, oiled ,re-assembled and then timed

Because there are still NOS for this watch available (if you know where to look!) i could find a replacement dial and hands, however i really like the aged look and at some point i will look at restoring the case.

Here’s a few final shots.

One comment

  • Very nice restoration. Looking at a working example ATM. Hope I obtain it! I’ll have to keep you in mind for spares locations!!!!

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