Vintage Mortima SuperDatomatic Divers Watch Repair

Picked this up a while ago, knew it had potential.

The watch was in a bad way and the case needed (and still will need) to get its case replated however the movement is in good condition apart from the balance staff pivots have been damaged. The watch movement is a Cattin C66 (21 Jewels) even though the dial mentions a lower jewel count

Disassembly shots below

The Balance Staff was broken and needed to be replaced

The parts were put in the parts clean and the case was ultrasonically cleaned.

Once the items were clean, the watch was reassembled.

The movement was timed and put back into its case, the watch received a new glass (without the date window) – later on i will look into getting the watch case replated but until then it will be used sporting a new divers strap.

I have left the hands “as is” as i like the look for this watch.