Vintage Seiko 6139-6002 Chronograph Service & Overhaul

Recently this Seiko can across my bench, it was sent in the from the Netherlands and wasn’t in working condition and looks to have taken in water at some point.

Having looking at the watch it seems that either all the gaskets have diminished or the watch was put back without them!


A new mainspring and gaskets were order and some parts treated for rust.  The owner had also supplied me with a replacement glass that was installed.

During the disassembly the the lume on the hands had started to crumble so i restored the hands and did my best to match the existing lume patina on the dial

The watch was ready to be assembled again.


The watch was cased up , the owner wanted to keep the vintage look so therefore we did not change the bezel.


  • Very nice indeed.

    The whole sequence of photos of the disassembly/re-assembly are fascinating. Thank you so much for posting them.

  • As always: very interesting, most informative, and a fine way to while away an hour…thanks! A note on your photographs: very well-done & illustrative…additionally: I happen to own a Sony DSC-T20 digital camera…the close-up capabilities are nothing short of amazing…I’ve used digital cameras from their arrival, and this one accomplishes photos that are ‘out of its’ class’…I recall looking on Ebay a few months ago, and this camera was selling for less than $50. Not cheap, but, perhaps, something you might care to consider for those really close shots…your’s are very good, too! I always enjoy looking at your work. Sincerely, Michael Maddan. Maine, USA

    • Jonathan Nachman

      Hi Michael, thanks for your kind words.

      I am looking into getting a better jig to take the photos, but until then my phone will suffice!

      Thanks again for your comment.


  • hi Jonathan;

    are you receiving new watches for service? 6139-7010

    • Hi Yousef, yes i am receiving watches to work, take a look at the servicing section or the contact us page and get in contact.

      Many thanks


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