Waking up the Submerged – Vintage Hercules Prima Super – 270 Work

I picked this watch up off eBay, i liked the look of it and the fact it was sold as not working i was even more interested in it! I really like the case and thought it would look good in my collection.

On inspection the the glass was loose, the stem was completely locked solid and the back was also damaged so therefore would not screw on properly. There was also hints of water marks from the watch not being sealed.

The movement is a LSH 1262 Movement (Pin lever)

The result looks really good, and now i just need to pick a strap for it, would like to see what a NATO strap would look like….

Ive taken a picture of the small damage to the threading on the case back, however i forgot to take pictures of it when i was attempting to knock it back in place whilst preserving the thread.

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